A blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and the collusion of the network. For more information please click here
No. Purchasing a stock is purchasing a portion of the company you invest in. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. They should be treated as a currencies, but not fiat currency.
Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. For more information please click here
AOG has recruited a panel of evaluators that evaluate potential charities on the basis of their size, relevance and quality of service. We strive to find charities that offer the best bang for the buck, that have better programs and the capability to execute them. Donors can be confident that a donation to any of the charities recommended will make a real difference in the lives of the world's poorest people.
AOG price is determined by the market in which it trades: by means of supply and demand. This is the same way the price of your secondhand car, a bag of apples in the supermarket, an ounce of gold and just about everything else is determined.

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